Protecting our Ecosystem & Future

Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability


We are a multi-stakeholder regional body representing Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec portions of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem. We work to promote the long-term viability of its ecosystem and communities.

The Southern Gulf region is an important ecological, economic and socio-cultural region of North America. Communities along the Gulf coast depend on its resources for income and their quality of life. The Gulf region supports key ecosystems such as salt marshes, beaches, estuaries and forests. It provides critical habitat, including spawning, feeding and nursery grounds, for numerous terrestrial and marine species

Our Mission

The Coalition will provide services to:

  • Facilitate communications, networking and information sharing;

  • Organize and/or facilitate meetings, workshops, forums or working groups;

  • Monitor the progress of implemented strategies, policies and regulations;

  • Assist communities to build their capacity for achieving their sustainability goals;

  • Facilitate access to expertise in the social, economic and environmental/scientific disciplines;

  • Promote awareness and education on sustainability as a way of life.

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