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What is your vision of the Great Lakes St.Lawrence Watershed in 2035?GLSL

Are you part of the Great Lakes St.Lawrence watershed? If you live in Caraquet, Ottawa, Qu├ębec City, or Niagara, then yes. In fact, if you live anywhere that is within the orange colored section of the image on the right, the answer is yes.

This watershed contains much of the continent's freshwater, forests, fertile farm lands and marine habitats. It is also home to most of Canada's population and many big cities, small towns and villages.

What do you envision for this watershed? What would you like to see as the future of this watershed? Answer the 2035 vision exercise and share it with other members of the symphony. Make of it an art work or a family or group activity! Express your vision in a way that can show the world what unites us and what this watershed means to us, the country and the world.

Visit the Facebook Page of the Great Lakes St.Lawrence Symphony to learn more.

You can also visit the press release to find out which groups are involved alongside the Coalition-SGSL in this initiative.

The Coalition-SGSL uses these polls to get a sense of what our members think of current events in the Southern Gulf of St.Lawrence. We invite you to participate in the polls and share your views!

Fossil Fuel Exploration in the St.Lawrence Waterways (River, Estuary and Gulf)
One of the issues facing the Southern Gulf of St.Lawrence is the possibility of the region moving forward with exploiting hydrocarbons (oil, gas) from both marine and terrestrial sources. Some say it is an economic opportunity that can not be missed. Others that it is an unacceptable environmental, social and economic risk to our region's existing industries and resources.  What is your opinion?

Coalition Poll
Do you believe exploiting hydrocarbons in the Gulf or Estuary of the St.Lawrence region will bring sustainable prosperity to our communities?


 I don't know

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